Thursday, July 04, 2013

Kippford to Rockcliffe Coastal Walk

Rob, Brock and I went on a scenic coastal walk today, between Kippford and Rockcliffe (and back!).

There is a similar walk on the Walk Highlands website, here.

[Please click on the pictures to see a larger version.]

Kippford Marina

There is a nice little gift shop that sells Cream O' Galloway ice creams, called Ark. I can also recommend the onion marmalade that they sell here. I bought some on a previous visit and it was delicious. A good stop-off on your way through the village!

Boat on the mud flats at Kippford

Rob and Brock on the woodland part of the walk. Photo from June 2013

View from the Mote of Mark (5th century hill fort). Photo from April 2013

Rockcliffe Beach July 2013

 The grounds of one of the houses near to the shore at Kippford is populated with strange little creatures made from decorated rocks, shells and driftwood. Shown above are some of my favourites.

We drove on to New Abbey for lunch at the Abbey Cottage Tea Room. We were able to sit in the garden with Brock, while we enjoyed jacket potatoes for lunch: mine with cheese and coleslaw and Rob's with vegetarian haggis. With a mineral water and a green tea, the bill came to around £14. Good value and nice food.

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