Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

The EtsyVeg Gift Exchange

What a lovely surprise I had today when my gift from a member of the EtsyVeg Gift Exchange was delivered by the postman!

Lots of EtsyVeg members agreed to send a gift to another member to whom they were secretly assigned. My gift went to a lady called Esmeralda in Sweden; and I was lucky enough to receive these sweet little sailing boat buttons and gorgeous glass star earrings from Lucy of Lunique Jewellery.

I couldn't be more delighted as they are just the sort of thing I love. The buttons will take pride of place in my button collection - until I find the perfect project for them, and the earrings will be ideal for special days and nights out. Thank you Lucy!

Visit Lucy's Shop for all sorts of beautiful jewellery and pretty applique cushions.


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