Sunday, November 15, 2009

Etsy Purchases

Here are three recent purchases from Etsy shops that I'm delighted to recommend. The first photo shows a card by Dragon House of Yuen. Annette's lovely shop has all sorts of rabbit and hare related products including bags, cards and adorable plush figures. I bought this birthday card for Rob's 51st and, yes, it features 51 grey 'hares'!

I printed off my pdf copy of the EtsyVeg Group's World Veg Day Cookbook as a booklet - all ready to go and full of delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Rob bought this sumptuous and colourful woven scarf for my birthday, back in September and it has been worn so many times already with my deep red cord jacket - perfect! Visit Cait's shop, Barefootweaver, for a mouth-watering assortment of woven cuffs, scarves, wraps and more.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Trip To Whitby

I have wanted to go to Whitby for a number of years after seeing it on the television. It is famously featured in Bram Stoker's Dracula, as the port in which he first sets foot in England. Whitby hosts a bi-annual Gothic Weekend and there are a number of shops selling goth clothing and accessories. Below is a view of the town from the swing bridge taken by Rob on our first night.

Whitby is also well known as a fishing port and for the jet (a fossilized wood) that is carved and polished to become jewellery.

It is a picturesque town set around the harbour which has a swing bridge across it to allow taller boats and ships in and out of the inner harbour area. There are lots of touristy shops, jewellers, restaurants and cafes. Our favourite moment was spent having an excellent coffee overlooking the harbour at the Moon and Sixpence Bar and Brasserie. Another highlight was visiting the Pannett Art Gallery where there were two galleries full of beautiful paintings of the area.

The town is overlooked by the ruins of Whitby Abbey which is built on the site of the original Abbey founded in 656. In front of that stands St Mary's Church (seen on the skyline in the photo below).

The beach is nice and sandy, but reached by numerous winding and steep paths, which Henry did not appreciate. Since Rob doesn't like having his photo taken, here's another one of me, with Henry paddling in the background.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Vegetarian Recipe Ebook

The EtsyVeg Team presents a
Recipe Ebook filled with
26 Yummy Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes!

100% of proceeds donated to
Farm Sanctuary.

Purchase Your Copy Here!


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