Monday, May 02, 2011

Portrack Garden

Rob and I went to visit 'The Garden of Cosmic Speculation' at Portrack House at Holywood, near Dumfries on Sunday 1 May. It was opened under Scotland's Garden Scheme, for charity. It was just open for one day (and for the first time in many years).

This photo shows the sculptured landscape with lakes designed by husband and wife team Charles Jencks and Maggie Keswick Jencks. The view is seen from the top of the spiral mound (shown in the 4th photo).

Red Bridge with seat...

A beautiful rhododendron in the more naturalistic area of the garden.

The 'Snail Mound'. The people capering about on it give some idea of the scale.

Portrack House.

It was a hot, sunny day and there were hundreds of people there - picnicking, sun bathing and exploring every corner of the grounds.

We enjoyed looking at the Garden, but decided that all of that grass would be a bit too high maintenance for us ;o) I prefered the more natural looking areas with lots of plants, trees and, hopefully, wildlife. How on earth do they mow that mound?! The version at National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh is perfect, though, - just right for the setting.
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