Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bars & Stripes - Quilted Wall Hanging

"Bars and Stripes" is my latest piece of textile art work, entirely hand sewn. This wall hanging is made from a variety of cotton (one or two cotton mix) fabrics. The textiles used include repurposed (laundered) clothing, as well as some new fabrics.

The fabrics are cut and pieced, then quilted with a thin wadding and backing fabric. A sleeve is added to the reverse with a baton of wood for hanging. The wall hanging is tea dyed in hot water to give it an aged and wrinkled appearance.

The piece measures approx 21 1/2" (54.5 cm) wide, and 27 1/2" (70 cm) high.

The inspiration for this piece came from seeing the wonderful quilts of the Gees Bend community. I immediately grabbed some paper and started cutting and arranging irregular strips of paper to come up with my own design. Then I chose fabrics and colors to give a deliberately asymmetrical and 'improvised' look and feel to the piece. The wall hanging costs $175 from Fire Horse Textiles.

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