Monday, May 09, 2011

Featured Artists: LittleBarb

Fans of LittleBarb's range of fabulous and unique button jewellery will be delighted to know that Barbara has opened two new shops in addition to her original Folksy shop: LittleBarb on Etsy and

Barbara says "On my site you will find necklaces made from buttons, ceramics and fabrics, often mixed together in the same piece. 

Each necklace is a one-off and designed and created by LittleBarb.  I try to use vintage buttons where possible, I find the colour and finish often more interesting than modern buttons, although I do use these too." 

"Fabrics range from silk to felt and the ceramic used is often porcelain, although I do use polymer clay too.  I am drawn to colour and this is often the starting point for a necklace.  I try to find colours that not only compliment each other but also those that have vibrancy because of their unusual juxtaposition.

"All in all my work is a mix of elements that interest and fascinate me.  I hope you too find them attractive too."

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