Monday, March 12, 2018

A Visit To New Lanark and The Artist Textiles Exhibition

Rob, Brock and I had a day out at New Lanark today. We started off with a walk to the Falls of Clyde, along the riverbank.

 You pass a hydro-electric power station at one point.

After that, we had a tasty jacket potato with beans in the Mill Café, followed by Americano coffee and tray bakes. Pretty good value for under £19.

I love the old cotton mill buildings and the lovely homes built for the workers by manager, Robert Owen. There is a roof garden on top of one of the buildings, which we haven't yet visited. Today, however, we were here to see the Artist Textiles Exhibition, which is running until 29/4/18.

 Henri Matisse Echarpe No 1 headscarf, 1947

 Salvador Dali dress in Flower Ballet (detail), 1947

 Pablo Picasso scarf designed for Berlin Peace Festival, 1951

Georges Braque furnishing textile from the Saison Happily Married range, c. 1956

John Piper Foliate Head furnishing textile, 1954

Barbara Hepworth screen-printed linen table mat, c.1957

Zandra Rhodes Top Brass furnishing textile, 1964

Andy Warhol William Tell Apple on skirt, 1950s

Andy Warhol Happy Bug Day, mid 1950s

Andy Warhol Ice Cream Cones cocktail dress, c.1963 -1964

This was a really enjoyable exhibition for me, as a lover of both textiles and art. The biggest surprise for me, was Andy Warhol's work - so colourful, full of humour, and with great colour palettes. It still looks very contemporary.

This is a tiny sample of the 200 pieces on display, so there is plenty more to see.

We ended our visit to New Lanark with the obligatory look around the gift shop and Village Shop, where we bought some caramels for the journey home.
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