Sunday, June 02, 2013

Visit to Dunkeld

Rob, Brock and I went on a visit to Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland last week.

Here are a few photos from our trip:-

Brock on a walk in Moffat, to break the journey on the way up.

Rob and Brock on a walk around the city walls in Sterling (another break: this time for lunch).

The Mars Wark Cemetery in Sterling.

Our hotel in Dunkeld.

Some views from and on the bridge in Dunkeld.

We had afternoon tea in the Spill The Beans Cafe, which we have visited once before. They allow dogs into a tiny corridor-sized room, so we were able to take Brock with us. When we eventually got our tea, coffee, meringue and scone. Rob said that his scone was hard and not very palatable. My meringue was a large one, laced with strawberry and served with a few fresh strawberries and cream. The drinks were fine. Service was slow, especially when it came to pay and we probably would not go back for that reason.

Dinner was in the restaurant at the Atholl Arms Hotel. The dining room has a good view of the river (if you can get a window seat - which we did.) We had an asparagus and almond salad to start which was good and fresh and very tasty - maybe a bit too salty. Rob had a lentil loaf with potato croquettes for his main course, which he enjoyed. I had a potato rosti with braised celery, red onion and fennel. It should have come with a ginger puree, but I could not taste any ginger at all. It was however an interesting offering of vegetarian main courses, so full marks on that front. I found my main course a bit too oily and salty for my taste. We did not have desserts, but there looked to be a good range. With drinks, the bill came to around £56.
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