Thursday, August 02, 2012

Annan to Newbie Circular Walk August 2012

Rob and I went on a five mile walk today. The walk can be found in the Walking in and around Annan pdf booklet. It is called Barnkirk Point on Page 10, Option B.

It is a flat walk, over rough ground in places. The field part of the walk was extremely wet and muddy, but it is possible to stick to a track instead. Walking shoes or boots recommended.

Leaving the bridge at Annan to start on the walk next to the River Annan...(Click on the photos to see a larger version.)

Boats near Port Annan...shrimping still takes place out at sea. The Port was once a busy emigration point for travellers to the New World in the 18th and 19th centuries. And Robbie Burns was an excise man here.

A field covered in wild flowers at Newbie.

There are two large businesses based in Newbie: Cochran Boilers and Rhodia ChiRex (a pharmaceutical plant), seen below.

Approaching the Solway Firth at Waterfoot, and the site of the old lighthouse. (The wooden lighthouse dated to the 1800s, but burnt down in the 1960s).

Wild flowers and other plants on the beach...

We saw lots of bees, butterflies and other insects. Also lots of sea birds on the shore.

On the track back towards Annan.

This was a very pleasant and quiet walk, just a few dog walkers and cyclists. The best part is seeing all the flora/fauna along the way, and the beautiful views of the sea.

We ended up at the Cafe Royal in Annan for a lunch of egg, chips and beans. It is a good, traditional chip shop. Not a lot of choice for vegetarians, but they also do macaroni and chips, or jacket potatoes with cheese & pickle, egg mayo, or cheese savoury.

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