Monday, January 16, 2012

Glenkiln Walk, Dumfriesshire

Today Rob and I went on a walk to Glenkiln in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. It is Walk 5a in the following book:-

It was another frosty, clear morning as we parked up near to the Glenkiln Reservoir to start the walk. This statue of John The Baptist by Auguste Rodin is right at the start.

A short walk along a single track road brings you to the second sculpture: Standing Figure by Henry Moore.

Shortly after seeing the second sculpture, you strike off the road and up a very steep hill towards Bishop Forest Hill. The photo below is taken from Cornlee Hill and shows the misty view over Glenkiln Reservoir.

The ground is extremely rough going in places, with hidden rocks and tussocks of grass and bracken, with marshy ground in the gaps. Here is Rob struggling through one of the worst patches!

A view of a remote house, photo taken from the hillside.

This beautiful black swan was floating silently on the reservoir as we came back to the car park.

The second walk in the area takes in four more sculptures and we know that it's a bit easier going, having done it in the past. We will probably try that one again in a week or two.
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