Monday, January 30, 2012

Glenkiln Sculpture Walk - Part 2

Rob and I completed the second part of the Glenkiln Sculptures Walk today. It was a bright, frosty morning - perfect for walking. The walk is 2.5 - 3.5 miles, depending on where you start from.

The first sculpture you see is The King and Queen by Henry Moore. The figures sit on a hillside overlooking the Glenkiln Reservoir.

A mile or so further up the track and you come to this sculpture called 'Visitation' by Sir Jacob Epstein. The sculpture is set within a circle of scots pines and looked very eerie standing there in the mist with rays of sunlight breaking through the branches.

You follow the track through a couple of fields, before getting back to a small single-track road, which you follow round to the left, between hills full of sheep. Henry Moore's 'Two Piece Reclining Figure No. 1" sits to the right of the road. An interestingly abstract figure, which looked like it had male and female 'aspects'.

We stopped off, for our second visit, to Kilnford Barns Farm Shop and Restaurant on the way home, for lunch. The restaurant has a modern feel to it and the loos are very well fitted out and clean. The staff are polite, efficient and well-trained. We both had the 'delightfully' named, 'Meat Free Salad', which comprises mixed lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, plus your choice of three other salads. I went for the red cabbage and sultanas, char grilled vegetables and potato salad. Rob had a similar plateful. We shared a bottle of mineral water and both had a tray bake. Rob had a roll and butter. The bill came to £14.40. The food looked very good, but was a bit lacking in flavour (and protein - eggs, cheese or mixed beans would have been good). It was very cold and perhaps that was part of the reason. You get a choice of dressings and there looked to be about 8 or more varieties. I had the blue cheese.

Other choices on offer included:- sandwiches/toasted sandwiches; some meat dishes; and macaroni cheese. I would go back again, but it would be nice to have more vegetarian choices, such as baked potatoes, or vegetable curry, for example.

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