Thursday, May 05, 2016

Lochmaben / Castle Loch Walk

We decided to have a fairly local walk today, on a route that we hadn't been on before. It is basically a circuit of Castle Loch in Lochmaben. Instructions can be found on the Walk Highlands website.

It is about 2.5 - 3 miles in length, flat, with views of the loch, castle ruins, fields and woodland. There are busy roads surrounding the Loch, so lively dogs may need to be kept on the lead.

Please click on any photo to see a larger version.

A collage of the wood carvings, plants, textures and colours seen on the walk. The huge bracket fungi were growing inside the leaf-carved log. The unfortunate eggs (possibly duck eggs, judging by the size) had been nabbed by a predator. There are otters in and around the Loch, or maybe a crow had feasted on them.

The Loch is used by fishermen and there are small piers around the shore. Still wearing hat, gloves and scarf in May! Rather a dismal day, with a fine drizzle of rain.

Some inquisitive calves seen near the castle.

A view of a water course, seen through arches in the castle ruins. This impressive stonework dates to the 14th Century, although the original earthworks were put up in 1300, built for King Edward I of England.

Buds and leaves unfurling on the trees.

We drove south to Beeswing and the Loch Arthur Restaurant and Farm Shop for lunch and shopping. We enjoyed our usual choices of dipping platter for me (carrot, cucumber, red pepper, salad garnish, olives, tortilla chips with hummus, tomato and tzatziki dips) and cheese and vegetable quiche with salad for Rob. I think the main course portion sizes have increased since we were last here. With two hot drinks, a slice of apple custard cake and a GF brownie, the bill came to under £23. The food here is great: fresh, wholesome and delicious; and the staff are always friendly. We come here as often as we can!
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