Friday, July 03, 2015

Carsethorn Beach and The Steamboat Inn

Rob, Brock and I had an outing to Carsethorn near Dumfries today. I see from looking at the website on the village that it originally started as a Viking village and trading point.

The weather was fantastic and we got to the beach at around 11.00 am in time for a walk before lunch at the pub.
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 Sand martin nests

 The beach had a layer of washed-up peat, which made interesting patterns as the tide went out.

Brock, or "The Photobummer", as we call him, since in most of our photos he is a retreating butt in the distance!

The Steamboat Inn Bar Area

There is a small, free car park next to the pub.

The Steamboat Inn is open all year round and serves food that has received some good reviews. They allow dogs in, which is always a bonus for us, especially on such a hot day.

The staff were all very friendly, as were the local people that we talked to. The pub is stuffed with bric a brac related to the sea, mainly, and has a good atmosphere. There was outside seating that was completely full by the time we left. You would need to reserve a table on busy days.  

The vegetarian choices on the menu are macaroni cheese or Mediterranean vegetable cassoulet in basil and tomato sauce, served with rice. The latter is also gluten free. We had one of each, with Rob choosing chips instead of garlic bread with his macaroni. With a pint of orange squash, a mineral water and two coffees, the bill came to £27.50. Both meals were very tasty, although I would add some beans to the cassoulet to add a bit of protein to the dish. Also it would be nice to see some more vegetarian and gluten free meals available. However, we will definitely be back!
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