Sunday, May 03, 2015

Standing Wool Hanging Decorations and Trivets

I have been experimenting with a new (to me) technique called 'Standing Wool', and of the sub group 'Beaded'.

Circles Wall Hanging - Shades of Green

This traditional construction technique dates back to as early as the 1870s in America. Rugs were often made with strips of worn out clothing, blankets etc. I first learnt about it through Diana Blake Gray's website, Rugmakers' Homestead.

Black and Yellow Wool Trivet

I am currently making a small bedside rug from a recycled woollen blanket and have made some trivets and wall hangings from re-purposed fabrics and craft felt, respectively.

It is quite time-consuming as each strip has to be cut, coiled and hand sewn. Before that you have to decide on the colour combinations to use and the thickness and type of fabric; size and thickness of the 'beads'; and where the piece will be used.

Standing Wool Trivet - Pastel Shades

The size of the 'beads' can be varied to create a free-form design, but if you are sewing a string of 'beads' from the centre in a spiral, they will tend to form a hexagonal shape like honeycomb.

Circle Wall Decoration - Shades of Grey and Tangerine

I find it a very appealing technique, with great potential for large and small projects. Watch this space!
Little Cloud Hanging Decoration - Shades of Grey, Lemon Yellow and White

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