Friday, April 03, 2015

Holiday In Yorkshire - Day 5 - York

We started the day with a 2.5 mile walk around the York Racecourse.

There were people jogging, cycling, walking dogs, exercising children: it was busier than it looks!

We parked at a very expensive city centre car park in York, to make sure that Brock was under cover.

I went to the Quilt Museum, which consisted of a large room in a historic building with numerous beautiful quilts, and quilted items on display. There were two side rooms with smaller exhibitions of "Voices From The Inside" showing quilts and other items made by people in prison; and "Chinese Whispers", which was an interesting project. One person in the quilting group is shown a photo of something. They make a quilt on the theme, then show a photo of their quilt to the next member, who then responds with their own interpretation of the theme. Each person only sees the previous one quilt, and the theme evolves and changes - fascinating! What started as a view of Glasgow went through themes of recycling and ended up as trees.

This was my favourite quilt in the exhibition, known as The Billings Coverlet (1805-1810) - featuring fifteen frames of extraordinary piecing skill. (This image from the Quilt Museum's website.)

The museum also has a small gift shop with souvenirs and crafting kits, sewing notions, fabric etc.

Rob wandered around The Shambles area in the meantime, and we met up in El Piano, a gluten free, vegan restaurant.

This is my main course - 'fiery' kebabs, pineapple fritters, salsa, vegan mayo and herb/yogurt raita dip. Rob had a similar plateful (with spinach fritters and hummus). It looked good, but was a little bland for my taste. I would have liked more herbs and spices. The drinks are a generous portion, served in a jug. We had one veg energy drink, one delicious hot chocolate, and one coffee afterwards. I had a portion of the Victoria sponge cake, which came with a tiny dish of strawberry puree. The cake was quite solid (as GF ones often are!) with incredibly sweet, faux butter cream filling. It went quite well with the coffee, though, which was strong and black. The bill came to £34.30.

I would go back again, but maybe try something different from the menu. It's the only place I've been to where I can choose anything from the menu. The hot chocolate and coffee were both very good. The staff are friendly and the interior decor is interesting - Spanish style. I read that they are hoping to plant an edible wall outside. You can buy various specialist foods and kits from the restaurant, too, and from their website.
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