Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pot Fest In The Park 2014

Rob, Brock and I enjoyed our annual trip to Hutton-in-the-Forest for Pot Fest on Friday.
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 First, we had a walk around the grounds and the walled garden.

The theme of the exhibitors' competition this year was "Out of This World". I picked the three pieces below as my favourites.

 "Let us boldly go and see if there is intelligent life on earth" by Meri Wells.

 "Rocket Dog" by Paul Smith.

"Leading paleontologist Professor Jardine's ideas on the disappearance of the dinosaurs were quickly ridiculed by his peers" by Professor J Jardine.

Then it was on to the exhibition tents to browse.

We bought some more bowls and side plates from Charlotte and Sigi Böhmer to add to our collection.

 Rob's choice (above) ...
and mine.

The smallest bowls cost £12 or £13, the soup bowls are £18 and the side plates are £21.

Pot Fest in the Park is still on today 27/07/14, with Pot Fest in the Pens on 1 - 3 August.
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