Sunday, April 06, 2014

Work in Progress: Stripy Scrap Quilt

I started on this lap quilt a few months back, and had to stop for a while to complete a couple of commissions, but I have finally finished piecing the top.

This is how it started out: a pile of little scraps, including fabrics dating back to the 1970s (summer dresses, shirts, off cuts from other projects etc):-

These were sorted into dark, medium and pale tones, then cut into strips, pieced into squares of about 5 3/4". Then trimmed to 5 1/2" squares. Because of the scraps I was working with, there was just about every colour and tone possible, so I tried to make each square work with the contrasts and colours within itself.

Here is a collage of some of the squares I came up with (randomly arranged).

When I had 144 squares, I started to work out a pattern with the random blocks. I decided to go for bands of colour in the columns, going from light to dark in the rows.

Here is the finished top, being basted to the wadding and backing (with help from Brock!):-

Just the quilting and binding to do!
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