Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Brock at Rockcliffe and Views of Derwentwater, Keswick

In February, we had a day out to Kippford and Rockcliffe and Rob managed to capture this picture of Brock on the beach. Happy Birthday to Brock, who was four years old on 1 March.

Yesterday, we went for a walk by Derwentwater in Keswick. It was a still and sunny day. The reflections of clouds on the water were quite breathtaking. [Click on any photo to see a larger version.]

 One of Rob's photos
One of my photos

Lunch was at the Abraham's Tea Room in the George Fisher shop. The food there is always fresh, healthy, plentiful and tasty. The staff are friendly and helpful and it is a pleasure to visit. Rob had the 'special' yesterday, which included roasted cauliflower and other vegetables in a cheese sauce, served with a side salad and fresh bread and butter. I ate the jacket potato served with avocado and tomato salsa and side salad. With a coffee and a mineral water, the bill came to just over £20. One of the best places to eat in Keswick!
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