Sunday, September 08, 2013

Harvest Stars - Patchwork Quilt Wall Hanging

I finished my latest wall hanging this week, called 'Harvest Stars'.

I aimed to use an assortment of Autumnal colours to achieve a 'scrappy' look in the piece. Over 150 individual pieces of fabric were cut to size and pieced by hand or sewing machine to make the artwork. The central motifs are called 'LaMoyne Stars'. The outer border is improvised to give a more 'modern folk art' feel to the wall hanging.

 Detail showing hand quilting
 Detail showing reverse of piece

My model in these photos is William. My Mum rescued him from on top of a dustbin where my Gran had left him after he was left behind when my Auntie, Uncle and Cousins moved to Australia. After a much-needed wash and removal of what remained of his old stuffing (flour, would you believe!) and re-stuffing he became one of my favourite toys. He is sporting a Cypriot national dress waistcoat that I used to wear as a six-year-old.
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