Friday, November 30, 2012

Eskdalemuir & Samye Ling

Rob, Brock and I went on one of our regular walks in Eskdalemuir, up to Bessie's Hill Fort and through an area of forestry.
Here's Brock heading up the trail. It was a frosty day: about -3 degrees Celsius.

A view from the highest point of the walk.

 Ice 'rose' in a puddle.
Frosted tree.
Larch cones.
Brock in his winter coat.

The Green Tara Statue at Samye Ling. Set in the centre of the medicinal garden.

The Samye Liberation Gate. The Gate is dedicated to world peace and is decorated with carved mantras and figures that are said to help develop peace of mind in all those who see it or go under it. We had a lovely cup of cappuccino at the Samye Ling cafe and bought some notebooks in the shop. Well worth a visit.

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