Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holiday in Fife: Day Five

Saturday 22 September 2012

The journey home, via Dunfermline

We had time for a last look round Anstruther, before loading up the car for the journey back to Dumfriesshire.
Brock makes a new friend.

Rob plays chess in the SNCL in Dunfermline and knows the Pittencrieff Park area well, so we headed there first. The Park was gifted to the town in 1903 by Andrew Carnegie, who made his fortune in the American steel industry. It is a huge park with acres of grass, trees, gardens, play areas etc etc. Brock was delighted to see so many other dogs. We were equally delighted to be able to stop for a coffee in the cafe there and keep Brock with us at an outside table.


 We wandered into the town for lunch later on and ate at an outside table of an Italian Restaurant called Carlucci. I had a mushroom risotto, which was a very large portion with sliced white mushrooms and a creamy sauce and chopped parsley. Although it was quite tasty, it needed a bit more flavour in the stock, maybe using some wild mushrooms or a hint of lemon. Rob had gnocchi with tomato sauce, which he enjoyed. We could see the impressive city chambers building (below) from our table.

 After that, it was a straightforward drive over the Kincardine Bridge and back down the motorways home. If we had had the full seven days (instead of just four), it would have been good to visit Dundee (where we once lived for a while), and Edinburgh. There is certainly plenty to do in the area for a week's entertainment.
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