Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moffat Well Walk

Rob and I went on a walk from Moffat up into the hills and across to the well, then back down into the town.

A similar walk can be found here. It is about 5.3 Km in distance. The going is uphill in places and sometimes muddy, but not too strenuous.

The well was discovered in 1633 and has a pungent, sulphurous smell. We didn't drink or bathe in it, but people used to; as a cure for various ailments and skin complaints.

On the way back into town, we passed a field of sheep and alpaca, relaxing in the warmth. The black, sleeping alpaca looked especially strange: like a Dr Seuss drawing. Click on the photo collage below to see a larger version. The photos on the left side show the well.

We finished up with lunch in the Ariette Cafe in the centre of town. It is a nice, old fashioned cafe serving great food and drinks. The staff are friendly and efficient. We had baked potatoes and salad, but have previously enjoyed salads, veggie breakfasts and more. The cakes also looked tempting, but we were too full up after our lunch.

Moffat itself is an attractive town with a variety of restaurants, hotels, cafes, a park and river walk, plenty of free parking, garden centre, antique & bric a brac shop, deli, bookshop, toffee shop, charity shops and many others etc  Well worth a visit!
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