Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Holiday In Inverness VI

Day 6: Thursday 8 October 2009

We drove all round The Black Isle, and started with a visit to the Wildlife Park (entry is £6.50 for adults, with bags of food at £1 per bag). There were lots of animals to feed or look at - zebras, goats, racoons, pigs, geese, ducks, peacocks, deer, wallabies, coypu, meercats, rabbits, owls etc. I am always in a quandry about zoos, in that I love to see the animals, but hate to see any animal or bird caged, so always come away feeling a mixture of emotions.

The coffee in the Wildlife Park cafe was truly vile - like something out of a dodgy vending machine and yet cost £2.25!

Lunch was a picnic at Chanonry Point - a small, narrow peninsula with an attractive lighthouse at the end, a golf course on one side, and beach on the other.

You can see Fort George (a military base dating from the late 19th century) across the water on another peninsula. The tides look lively here and you could see the currents mixing. Another lovely day, with blue skies and dark blue sea.

We drove to the 'end of the road' at Cromarty - a fishing village looking out over the Cromarty Firth - famous for its mention in the shipping forecast. We liked Cromarty, which has a very nice bakery, cafe, shops, boat rides to see dolphins, and a beach. You can see a factory making oil rigs on a distant shore.

Dinner: The Highland Food Stop, near Croy
Good old veggie burger and chips, salad garnish, apple juice.
Eggs, chips and veg (carrots and peas), tea.
Cost: approx £12+
This busy roadside cafe was conveniently situated a few miles from our holiday cottage. Service was brisk and business-like, portions were generous and good value. A typical chip shop cafe with (almost) everything deep fried. Nice for a one off, but I wouldn't have wanted to eat there every night.
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