Saturday, July 25, 2009

Potfest In The Park 2009

Rob and I went to this lovely ceramic market for 100+ artists from all over Europe. The market is held under marquees in the grounds of Hutton-in-the-Forest near Penrith.

There is an annual competition for the ceramic artists. This year's was called 'Building Bridges'. This was one of my favourites with little ships mounted on pieces of driftwood. Here you can see a naughty visitor about to grasp hold of the exhibit.

We had a lunch of brie and onion chutney in ciabatta, followed by ice cream for me, and oat and pumpkin seed biscuits for Rob.

There was a three piece brass ensemble playing throughout the day to add to the festive atmosphere. Here I am smirking unnecessarily at one of the exhibits.
As well as looking at the ceramics, you can wander round the walled gardens and grounds of the house, which were very beautiful and buzzing with insects at this time of year.

This was one of my favourite exhibitors. The dogs were caricatures, but very well observed, and reminded us a lot of our dear departed Tess, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Find out more about Potfest here.
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